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Logging into old forums... Logging into new forums... 

Nice! But we need a new website too!  Player Ranking, Legion Ranking... and others things. our website compared to the korean website is shameful. 

New forums. My time has come. Again.

I'm going to miss having my character's image as my avatar :(

What happened to trying to migrate the old forums anyways? I thought the purpose of turning off images was so you guys can migrate the data? Guessing it turned out harder than expected?

Are emoticons showing up as errors for anyone else? Trying to access the URLs for them also throw an error for access denied.

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Yay! Ty guys! I always wanted to post on the old forums and add to discussions, but logging in took forever and almost never worked anyway, so I never bothered. New forums are definitely a step in the right direction, and I think they'll be much more active now which is always good. 

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