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skill bar + flame bogel pet

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i have an issue with my pet: flame bogel it is the only pet that won't stick to the skill bar it seems all my other classes pet stick to the skill bar and to top it off i bought the evolved speckled ailu egg to my aethertech and it looks like my spiritmasters characters pet flame bogel pet is the only pet that has this problem that will not stick to the skill bar somehow i have to drag it out to skill bar every time i log on or change characters. i wonder if it a code somewhere that removes it from skill bar or something because im not sure if any other people have same issue with this pet. it is the only pet on this char so it cant be account issue if all my other chars have there pets stuck to skill bar, must be a pet code issue thing mostly

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Welcome to the club, my minions always vanish from the skills bar and also my transformation. Thankfully I do not need the transformation to be ont he bar since my minion can auto buff me, but it is super obnoxious that skills and minions etc are being auto-removed from the skill bars.

Another obnoxious thing is that I have to select which server I want to play when I clearly have 12 chars in KT server and I can't even make any new chars, so why is Danaria an option for me is just irritating.

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