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Game Unbalanced For New/Returning Players

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So i've had multiple friends both new and old try to play Aion this patch and they all have the same issue...the game is not scaled properly...

For example you can grind from 0 to 80 in about a day but when you hit level 80 you're only sitting on maybe a few million kinah. Not even enough to buy your stigmas, pots, scrolls, shards, transform scrolls, or basic needed things to actually play the game without being completely carried. The Accorn items are so horrible it's not even funny, seriously how is a potion that only heals you for barely over 100 hp/MP suppose to be efficient at all with how big our HP has been scaled?

The Riseil gear is also pretty worthless unless it's enchanted up once you hit level 80, but enchant stones are nearly impossible to come by these days and you only seem to get ancient stones from now and then. Plus remember, you have almost NO KINAH, so how are you even suppose to afford enough Bobonerk coins to even do anything when just one bundle of them will cost you 1/5th of your kinah you gained getting to 80. 

Let's not forget that the mobs no longer drop kinah in the game...and rubbish items NPC for next to nothing..... Broker fee's are unbearable for new players as well....

Seriously, I'm not asking for event here for returning players and new players... the game is just broken for new players and makes them all just feel the only way to even get into the game is to buy an account or buy kinah.... NCwest, fix this please! It's beyond alarming and depressing. You guys should WANT new/returning players, but the way the game is, it def does not feel like this.

P.S. I truly challenge you to make a new character without getting help from your main account. See how frustrating and difficult it is.

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That free item set you are given is not only lacking accessories but also was only relevant when it was first implemented, since then the mobs have gotten a boost in stats so these items feel like the ancient Lakrum gear given in 6.2 once doing the campaigns (aka practically useless).

Plenty of things are bad for solid-new players, but if you think about it is, it is the same for old players too. so it is not a "new player unfriendly" game, it is simply unfriendly to players.

You either have alt accounts to feed your main account with kinah from lunas or tradeable rewards from events, or you simply can't play at all.

For example, I dedicated play with a few alts to get  some extraction solvents, got some genesis items with them, got enchants for runes/gemstones and enchanted my main's runestones and gemstones for free. It is almost impossible to enchant everything you need just by your main.

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lol, you really want the solution ?

Follow ncsoft mentality. Pay to win.

Ncsoft did everything to push player to buy in BCM.

I started to play Aion on gameforge in 2012 ... At this time, the only thing you were able to buy in BCM was candies, skins, pets, ''prestige pass'' and keys for chest in tiamat eyes (gives you AP to get ranked, but chest wasnt ez to find and you needed to farm them.... GP was not existing at this time).

I saw the whole evolution of Aion. In 2012-2013, beginning of 4.0, we had bloodmark gear and was still able to kill player in great general geared +15. The damage dealt wasnt so high, nobody oneshooted. You were able to do it but you needed gameplay. The game was fun and a bit ''hard''. A brain was needed to play Aion.

Nowadays, you need money. Nowadays, the only gameplay is dealing so high damage you don't need to think what to do. 100% of times I go PVP, ALL players, overgeared or not, DON'T KNOW HOW TO COVER A SILENCE.  W  ---  TTT --- FFFFF. I have 50k HP, they ONE hit me at 46k to 75k !?!?!?

How a game evolved so badly in this way ?

The last 4 years, me and my husband stopped Aion 3 times because we were so frustrated. Playing without buying in BCM was impossible. Enchanting failed a lot, we stopped to PVP because it was totally unplayable with pvp base gear (and we just abandoned the idea of having stigma +9). Our both plumes exploded with temporing solution we farm so hard. With the Lakrum patch and the new gear system, we were unable to get a +15 on ancient gear while pay to win players were still soo overgeared. Why ncsoft punish so hard players who doesn't pay to win ?

And now here we are, we came back one month ago, pvp is still unplayable, enchanting is still awfull but you can now have free stigma enchant stone and others enhancement objects but you need to farm in korean mode.

Aion is now garbage, the game is dead and NCsoft clings to pay to win player and give them rewards. The game is totally unbalanced and stupid.

The only thing I can tell you is take a free prestige pass 7 days, create 12 characters lvl 10, farm luna each days, play the luna dice game, sell all you win.

Good luck :x

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19 hours ago, Mihara-KT said:

lol, you really want the solution ?

Follow ncsoft mentality. Pay to win.

...or make a second account with 12 chars and simply farm luna. Dedicate yourself for 1 month to do lunas with a few alt accounts (the more the better) and int he end of the month you will have a ton of money to play with (still not enough for end game content)

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