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Cap stats in Lakrum ???


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Little suggestion. Just cap stats in Lakrum.

I am bored of overgeared full advanced stigma and daevanion skill noobs farming me in Lakrum. I have 50k HP, songweaver. I played with my husband, cleric. We take 46k to 75k in ONEEEE HIT. We meet spiritmaster overgeared, obviously, he fears us, you can't silence him, you can't sleep him,  and I hit him at 2-4 k on phase 3 please. How am I suppose to kill him ? Sin's came, you hear ''schling-schling ... schling'' (just hit without skill............. lol), my cleric died.

How the hell is it possible to farm genesis, gear, quests, with these cancers turning in Lakrum, one-two shoting all of casual/new/old players.

Are they so bad they can't afford to go pvp in demaha or katalam ? Or they are just no brain people who loves one shot no geared player ?

Where is the good old pvp time in Aion ?

Just cap the stats, these overgeared player will need a little of gameplay to kill us instead of spaming 1 button. The PvP will be fun like this. You did it in Chaotic Vale, why not in Lakrum, a supposed begginers map .....

Example, magic attack should be cap at 14k and pvp attack/defense at 500. Hp at 60-70k. All advanced skills should be disabled. Every fight will be equal and fun.

I know it will never happen but anyway, this is my opinion.



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They should have a 1 month FTS back for new players so they can do their quests safely. And to the rest of your questions, yes, there are people making transforms to attack Lakrum main cities, or go to the starting spots in Lakrum to kill newbies etc.

It is what it is. People who start now have to deal with whales that lure on the easy target.

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