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Stats for Xforms Enhanced by Runes

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Hi there

When you enhance a Rune it says it enhances the xform included in the rune's description.

Is there a listing of what way it enhances it?  If you're going to enhance to +5 and such, what is the benefit?  Just was wondering if there were some numbers or charts about it?



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Consumable item skills details (Warning: big web page) - transformation effects can be found here

For transformation effects, search:

  • Legendary
    • Trans_Grade_04_SKill
    • Transparent_Grade_04_SKill
  • Ultimate
    • Trans_Grade_05_SKill
    • Transparent_Grade_05_SKill

Values in brackets are additional added effects per added skill level.

Transformation enhancements do not affect movement speed, attack speed, and cast speed.

For runestone unique skill effects check out this page instead

Rune Level + Slot Bless level Skill Level
+1 +1
+2 +2
+3 +3
+4 +4
+5 +5
+6 +6
+7 +8
+8 +10
+9 +12
+10 +14
+11 +17
+12 +20
+13 +23
+14 +26
+15 +29
+16 +32
+17 +35
+18 +38
+19 +42
+20 +46

Keep in mind of the grinding success rates.

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