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cube for set


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Hi there. @Kibbelz, @Hime
It may seem useless, this is something that being very honest, would change my life and / or the lives of many other players, having a cube exclusively for equipment.
I say this because despite having the 5 cubes (1 standard + 4 buying) opened I feel a lot of space, because I occupy almost 2 complete cubes only with equipment.
Ex Being a cleric, I need to have a set for everything I do, if I am going to heal an instance, I will need a healing set, If i want to do my thing in the world as a quest or solo instance, I need a PvE damage set , do a pvp healing, then you would need other equipment, which would be a set of resist and / or evasion. So in this example alone there were 4 complete equipments, that I didn't even put in the fifth, which could be the pvp damage set if  you want kill someone ...
This is more than 60 slots in your inventory .. that could be used with something else, but we have to have all the sets ready for use ..
That's why I would love to have an exclusive equipment hub.

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Yes, it would have been also good if many materials went to the Quest cube as well since it has a lot of slots and many might be empty. It is good we have inventory pets, but we need more slots always.

The best thing would be instead of having 6 total cubes, to have max 12...! Because inventory is instantly reachable, while pets, normal warehouse and housing cabinets are all pretty stale when it comes to readiness.

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