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Shattered Abyssal Splinter Downtime survey Kibbelz

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I can't be the only one that feels cheated by this. It was down for 10 days and in that time we could be getting 300 abyssal fragments per day by doing S rank for 12 characters. Giving 10 is not fair compensation and Kibbelz you talk about doing what you can for the community but this survey shows how out of touch you are. Its not hard to get S rank which gives 25 abyssal fragments but you had it where you assumed we would all suck and only do it on 1 character. In addition the experience crystals only benefit 1 character when we could have been getting it on each character.

Do the right thing and give us a second survey that gives 2900 abyssal fragments and we will call it square, i'm not sure how you can compensate on the missing experience crystals but you need to do this.

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10 days worth of down = 3000 fragments per account that could do s-rank in all chars (and if you took advantage of the Wednesday reset, or a potential KT bug and restart, even more)

BUT I am like "let me shut up and enjoy the fact they brought it back in 10 days and not 3 months", I am THAT happy it is back I won't even bother with the lame compensation.

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