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Crimson Fury (Israphel-Asmodian, Roleplay)


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Who We Are:  Crimson Fury is a roleplaying legion on the Israphel server, Asmodian faction.  We call ourselves a RPvPvE legion (Roleplaying Player Versus Player Versus Environment) as our members take part in all aspects of Aion's content, not limiting our involvement to PvE, PvP, or roleplay only.  We're a generally laid back group of players who love the setting and story of the Aion world, and who enjoy weaving our own, smaller and personalized stories into the narrative of the broken world, Atreia.  

We have a strong community aspect, and are a fairly tight-knit legion.  We only recruit people who wish to engage in roleplay in the Aion setting, although lack of experience is not something that bars a player interested in trying roleplaying out for the first time from acceptance.  We ask people who wish to join us to apply on our website (link below) and fill out a simple application with some pertinent questions to help us get to know you!

We are an LGBTQ friendly legion.

General Information:

Brigade General: Rakesh (Aadesh ICly)
Guild Officers: Lumin, Jnanin
Server: Israphel, Asmodian
Role-Play Structure: Casual/Medium
Level Requirement: 30 via In-Game Applicaion, None via Website
Age Requirement: 18+
Website: http://www.crimsonfury.shivtr.com/
VOIP: Teamspeak 3
Current Legion Status: Recruiting


About The Legion ICly:  Crimson Fury is a non-Archon legion of Asmodian Daevas that is both a mercenary legion and a mercantile company, operating in cooperation with the Asmodian Archons and the Black Cloud Merchants.  Our freelance crew can accomplish any task, big or small. No job is off-limits. We are a business with plenty to offer; our flagship the Kaismes Laiva, travels all over Atreia, gathering exotic foods, spices, and supplies.  When the Archons need supplies sent to a frontier outpost surrounded by the enemy, they call on Crimson Fury and the Kaismes Laiva to deliver relief.   

In addition to our services as a Mercantile operation, Crimson Fury is primarily known as a mercenary legion.  With a variety of daevas whose talents range from infiltration, sabotage and demolition to tactical siegecraft, there is no task that Crimson Fury is not capable of, from taking an untakeable Balaur stronghold to infiltrating and destroying an Elysian Outpost.  Many Asmodian warriors who simply cannot fit within the rigid hierarchy of the Archon Legions find a home with Crimson Fury, where capability and personal drive are more important than rank.


How to Join:  For those who wish to join us, please visit our website (linked above) and submit an application.  You can also contact one of our legion officers in-game, or submit an application in-game.  (All methods of contact will require you to submit an application via the website, though, so really, just do that!)


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Will you still be recruiting after the merge?

You see, all of my current mains are on Beritra, but IS is my home server, where all of my original characters are. When the merge happens, I'll be placing my BR Asmos on whatever server IS gets merged into. (After seeing this, I kind of wish I'd created a new IS asmodian so he'd get all of the  Homeward Bound Rewards and I'd be at least slightly geared, but ah well XD) I'd all but given up hope that there were any RP legions left on IS!

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