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Loki used Frustration of Developer against a player!

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(Above image is from my huge huge webpage documenting all non-player, non-item skills)


  • Deals 10 million magical fire damage on up to 110 (enemy or friendly?) targets within 20m of yourself.


  • Deals 10 million magical fire damage on one enemy within 40m. Cannot be resisted.


  • Deals 10 million magical fire damage on up to 110 enemies within 20m of yourself. Cannot be resisted.

Loki did 2,340,000 damage on Cynical-KT.

Loki is an Assassin, which the class have 90 Knowledge. If the skill's tooltip indicates damage, it would show a tooltip damage of 9 million on Assassins.

Loki has less Magic Attack than Cynical-KT's Magic Defense.

PvP Damage Reduction is 26%.

All level 76+ players have 100% Classic PvE/PvP Attack/Defenses.

  • 10,000,000 * (90 / 100 + 0 / 1000) * 0.26 = 2,340,000



GM Shine Transformation:

For 10 minutes, transform to something. You have +200000 HP and +3.0 movement speed.

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