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Aion PvE Rankings


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7 hours ago, CosmoSkyMaster-KT said:

I was wondering when it was coming to NA, great work with it @Livo-KT hope to see it implemented on wednesday :p, hope to see how we are doing it againts other great players, don't mind the people that don't care that much about pve.

NA region is included into rankings as well, that's why I have posted here. The only problem you might encounter for now is that website use just EU datapack for now, so some names might be confusing for you. However, website's localization is on the list things to do.

By the way, It would be nice to have some testers from your region. We have only EU players participating in tests for now.

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We decided to extend ranking tests till next Wednesday. Patch 7.6 just arrived and we want to be sure that it didn't break anything. We have some minor bugs to fix and some features to finish, but overall ranking system is working well. You can see current progress on website.


Recently we have added:

1. Graphical representation of skills rotation. It can be found under icon skillsrotation.png


2. Recently uploaded sessions. It can be found under icon newsessions_active.png


3. Short guide which explains how rankings work. It can be found under icon tutorial_active.png


4. "Show more..." option under top 10 leader boards which opens full ranking.


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New, juicy update with ranking is ready to go!

1. Added:
- PvE Ranking System!
When you kill one of ranked bosses (there are 17), your session will be automatically uploaded to server. Your top DPS from each boss will be ranked. You will be able to see all uploaded sessions and check damage distribution, skills rotation and action list of each participant. There are also details like ping (just for uploader), number of death and relevant buffs. You can also copy DPS/Damage to your clipboard or download session file to load it in your app.
- Skills level and description in Skills Rotation and Damage Distribution.
- Confirmation window when exiting application, to avoid closing it by mistake.
2. Improved:
- Server's performance. Live instance scores shouldn't lag any more.
3. Fixed:
- Bug when all actions were shown for selected NPC.
- Bug when charged skills fired on different stages weren't grouped together in damage distribution.
- Bug when app couldn't create logs without admin permission.
- Delays on Npcap version newer than 0.9989 without VPN.
- Bugs which occurred when sending instance score to server.
- Minor packet parsing bug which didn't cause any problems, but generated error logs.
- Bug when item icons weren't displayed because of incorrect path.
- Bug when character items were uploaded partially.
4. Other:
- Removed Sustained Arrow Rain from animation speed check.
- Updated EU, EU EAS and NA datapacks.

Thank you everyone who decided to join test phase. Amazing job guys with all the bug reports and great suggestions!

If you want to support our project you do it in several ways:
1. Contribute with uploading player details.
2. Report bugs and give your suggestions.
2. Tell your friends / legion mates about this project.
3. Subscribe on Patreon or donate through PayPal.
4. If you have any website, you can put back link to our website.
5. If you are streamer or youtuber, you can say a word about project in your next video / broadcast.

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On 28/08/2020 at 7:17 PM, Ele-DN said:

Looks good, just started using it. Will more bosses be added? Like Red cellar, Demaha bosses, Anomos, both bosses in Silentera canyon. 

I got feedback from some players who participated in rankings test phase to not add world bosses except Ragnarok and Omega. The reason behind is that Elyos and Asmos are usually fight for other world bosses and rankings would make people focus bosses instead of PvP when needed just to get better score at ranking.

On 30/08/2020 at 11:48 AM, CosmoSkyMaster-KT said:

@Livo-KT could you check why advanced daevanion and stigma dont register the server speed?, and also, why doesn't the Ereshkigal boss kill gets uploaded to the pve rank system? I think it might have to do with the bombs damage that it receives.

We have chosen only part of skill to be checked when it comes to animation speed to avoid false positives. Choosen skills pool comes from patch 6.2 when there weren't daevanion skills and improved stigmas. I will try to update skills check pool in future updates. There is a known bug with Ereshkigal rankings. For some reason players are registering less damage than boss has HP. It might be connected to mentioned bombs. I'm waiting for any saved session from this boss to investigate this problem. If you have any, please send it to me.

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2 hours ago, Atheiah-DN said:

Adding SAS to the rankings would be nice, since we do not have that feature in game.

Thank you for your suggestion. Time attack rankings are on TODO list. I'm just worried that SAS is an event, not permanent instance.

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Website's update:
1. Added server's load (from previous day) chart in server's page.
2. Added class distribution chart in server's page.serverpage.jpg
3. Added damage contribution chart in session's page.sessionpage.jpg
4. Added Worldwide / EU / NA filters in PvE Rankings and PvP Instance Scores - by Kr0NiCk.
5. Improved some styles on website and updated external libs.
6. Added custom error page which describes in human language what might happened.
7. Added PvP Instance Scores subpages per map - can be found in navigation menu.
8. Added Game Servers into navigation menu.
9. Removed Animation Speed ranking. Reporting is disabled since long time and there are no plans to bring it back for now. Maintaining this feature and double checking every report was taking to much time and was holding works on other features. However Animation Speed detection in DPS Meter stays as it was and will be maintained.

Team's update:
Kr0NiCk who was previously testing and advising, is going to help with coding. You can see his first task complete (see point 4).

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A PVE rank is useless if people use hacks to be on the TOP.

What about show the animation speed (with colors in red when wrong) in the rotation tabs?

This would make it more legit when we want to compare people better than us to learn rotations, skills and etc.. and ignore the ones who hacks. :)

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6 minutes ago, Bjorn-DN said:

A PVE rank is useless if people use hacks to be on the TOP.

What about show the animation speed (with colors in red when wrong) in the rotation tabs?

MyAion service is checking animation speed of skills when session is being uploaded. If it detects any player in session with modified animation speed, it won't accept session.

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Update - "Content Creators" 

1. Added:
- Option to upload image to your MyAion character's profile.
- Integration with Youtube.
If you connect your character with youtube channel, new icon youtube_min.png will show up next to your character's nickname and your recent videos will be displayed in your MyAion character's profile.
What's more if you record any ranked session and you link this session at beginning on video's description, that video will show up in session's page and particular boss ranking's page. Synchronization of videos are done everyday at 15:00 CET. If you linked your character with youtube channel or uploaded new video after that time, you need to wait for next day's synchronization.
- Integration with Twitch.
If you connect your character with twitch channel, new icon twitch_min.png will show up next to your character's nickname. When you go online, it will switch for icon twitch_live_min.png and your broadcast will be visible in your MyAion character's profile. What's more if you are participating into any battleground or arena, your livestream will be visible in PvP Instance Score's page of that particular run.
- Combat Weapon's ranking.
- Buff counter. There will be number in right bottom corner of each buff saying how many times buff was activated during a session.
- New skills to animation speed pool check.
- AT modified animation detection. Big thanks to 15TAN, who found out some patterns, delivered useful information and run plenty of tests.
- Number of participants on target's tooltip. Tip: It might useful to see how many players are participating in events like world bosses or sieges.
- Clear button on messages list.
- User setting to disable uploading PvE sessions.
- Profile setting to exclude from PvE rankings and censor nickname in PvE sessions.
- Support to NoPing new version connection.
JP_min.png Support for Japanese region.
2. Improved:
- Modified animation speed detection when uploading PvE session.
- TCP session detection and stability. It should eliminate some random disconnects for people who had this problem.
3. Fixed:
- Bug when weapon switch was not detected after leaving Hell Pass, Hidden Minionate Warehourse in some specific cases.
- Uploading sessions from 3rd Dragon Lord Ereshkigal (Senekta).
- Connection for WiFi adapter dongles (these which are supported by Npcap).

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1. KR_min.png Added support to South Korean region.
2. TW_min.pngAdded support to Taiwanese region.
3. Added new regions (JP, KR, TW) into PvE Rankings.

4. PvE rankings were split into game versions (7.6, 7.7, 7.9 for now). Also it's possible to check ranking for all versions.

5. Improved application start up time. Also splash screen should show up immediately now.
6. Fixed bug when Asmodian Cleric with Summon Noble Energy / (Improved) Summon Noble Energy had displayed incorrect vision skill.

If you would like to support the project and help cover some of its costs, you can do so through Patreon or PayPal.

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1. Added new rankings: Raging Beritra, Pale Stormwing, Stormwing (thanks Mats for icon).

2. Added Glyph in character profiles on website and in app.

3. Fixed bug when Ereshkigal session wasn't uploaded due to cannon damage.
4. Fixed bug when some skins weren't shown in Character Profile in app.

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