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Stat Selective Retuning Should Be a Thing


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Retuning is so expensive, and with the reduction of the selective retuning cost to 20 it was really nice. And I truly appreciate it. But I feel we need a way to selectively re-retune a specific stat. Ive spent probably 300m overall to retune my armor to where its at now.. AND I just noticed that my legs arent retuned for Hp, so now I have to go and spend like 10-15m to retune them to perfect stats with Hp. There should be a way to selectively re-retune a stat, like for my legs I should be able to select Mp and then by spending luna I retune my legs but ONLY for Mp. So then that Mp can be switched to Hp or Evasion, Magic Resistance, etc. I understand this is quite strong though, which is why I dont think it should be cheap. Like it should cost the 160 luna or something like that, how it was before. I feel it would be so helpful to players overall, and make retuning less of a hassle and costing less kinah. 

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