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Combination minions to rank S

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Fix the chance to grant the S rank, I merged many times 4 minions and never came out. It's hard to get all four of them, and it's not fair for me to fail all the time.

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Every time you fail to obtain an s-rank minion you get a (hidden) additional chance of +3% for the next combine.

Combining 2x is like 15% and combining 4x is like 75%

I suggest you do this:
Combine 2x and hope to get s-rank if not open a ticket and reclaim them 2 a-rank back, do this up to 3 times (you have 3 token restoration tickets).
Once you burned all your three chances you now have +9% chance to get a higher one. So next time combine 4x, you should have 75%+9% = 84% chance.

It is still a chance but it should work.

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