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Known Issue: Prestige Delivery

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  • Aion Team

We are aware of an issue affecting the delivery of Prestige Cases and Coins, we have reached out to the development team for a fix which will be depoloyed ASAP. Any Prestige Cases or Coins that were not able to be earned because of this will be delivered via survey when the fix is deployed (90 Coins and 1 Case per day).

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After today's new launcher, I can't switch language during chat. It is fine if I switch before conversation, but if I type some English then switch in the middle of sentence, my game bugs, freeze there, can't hit enter to send the chat or ESC to cancel it, I can still receive the messages other people typed and legion/group chat, but my own chat window just freeze, It never happened to me before, have restarted my game several times.

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