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Feedback Update: Titan Coins, Katalam, Events, Compensation Follow-up

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On 02/09/2020 at 3:14 PM, Kibbelz said:

Titan Coins


Dear @Kibbelz @Hime

i would like to ask your permission to send extra feedbacks and other suggestions (planing for the future)

a) All future upcoming increasing drop rate related events are always very welcome. As players, we remember very fondly historical times in golden age of Aion where there were amazing events we used to called them fat l00ts because after killing bosses or special event mini boss mobs there was a nice chance for many extra event related item drops beside the normal ones. We hope those times to come back to Aion, at least, in a very special event one day.

b) Jajabenerk Shugo NPC (Weekly killing 30 mobs = 1 or 2 experience mark quest) should be a permanent NPC, not appearing only during anual rare events.

c) a simplier and completely non-pay-to-win version of Shugo Sweep should a permanent feature in Aion from NCWest. Absolutely no p2w elements inside, but rather quality-of-life items (non-pvp-advantage combat related). You would be impressed how many players would still buy the shugo sweep shuffle card at aion web shop just for complementary items which are very usefull for our alts and etc.

d) Crafting will still be very relevant and important for upcoming 7.7 patch since there will be new top tier crafted armor set. So if you could include new leveling gathering & crafting points related events it would be fantastic. 


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