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New launcher doesn't recognize my password but older launcher does???


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  • 2 weeks later...

I was asked to Download and run HijackThis from the following link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/hjt/ and submit the log file for review but I was able to resolve the issue otherwise as follows:

I reinstalled the launcher making sure it was " run as administrator", I then launched the launcher with "run as administrator". I then used a different account (but which had the same issue previously, and the same password) and it all worked OK. I then closed the launcher and opened it again with  "run as administrator" but when I used this first account I still got the invalid password. So I logged into My Account on NC West home, changed my password and was able to log in via the launcher with  "run as administrator". I then quit the launcher, changed my password back in My Account to what it originally was, and was able to login via the launcher with  "run as administrator". This hints to me that it was maybe a date/time stamp problem on the password of this account since it is the oldest and the password has been the same since day one. My second account was more recent but not by much.  I was subsequently able to login without running the launcher with "run as administrator"

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