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New Launcher slow and buged Password

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Hi. I have to update the new Aion launcher 2 but I can't log in because the launcher said incorrect password. So I'm going to the website and log in. WOW I till log in normally
What happens? I sure I input the correct password multiple times.
Does anyone have the same problem as me?
I can't believe them force us to update to new bugged launcher! pin bug(no matter it really rare), NPC bug, new launcher bug.

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No there is a definite bug.  I have an account I don't think that has ever had a change password on it.  First day with this launcher it says it is the wrong password so I go to the Aion site, actually log into the account and go to settings and make a new password anyway.  Log out of site then back in to make sure it works there, return to game, plug in the new password and still says wrong password.   I am baffled.

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If/when you install the new launcher, make sure you uninstall the old launcher. I uninstalled the old launcher then uninstalled the new launcher, then reinstalled the new launcher. I thought he new launcher would uninstall the old one but it apparently doesn't.  The new launcher may be referencing files or registry entries belonging to the old launcher so better to be safe and uninstall them both, and reinstall just the new one. It helped some with their ping increase issues, and other various issues. I like the new launcher so far.

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