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Fix Daevanion DP skills


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We need a way to acquire these books other than combination, a much higher rate of getting them through combination, or better rates for the DP skills. Because as it currently is it's just stupid. I have failed 26 books in a row trying to enchant my dp skill to the next level 10->11... 


Are you guys expecting us to try 200 books to get +15? 

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4 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

In before you can actually get the skills themselves. I still haven't gotten them myself.

No big surprise since those skills for sorc don’t seem very interesting. Me I mostly pve so for me they are totally useless. As for pvp, when I was pvping several years ago, I had wintry armor spec with an instant aoe sleep linked stigma, which is much better than those. I wish they made a daev version of empyrean wrath nuke with 0 casting time instead.

1 hour ago, Hallo-DN said:

It took 40+ skill books combining before I got mine. Now its at 12+, I failed 6 times now with essence to get to 13+ .No matter what don't use essence on 10( save point) to 11, complete waste since it doesn't increase chance to succeed.

That’s because the enchant rates after +10 are 20% with different skillbook and 50% with the same skillbook. Since enchanting daev dp skills with the same skillbook is unrealistic, I agree with you, some modifications are needed.

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