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Prestige Dungeon Quests vs. (Prestige) Open World Quests?


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There are 2 prestige quests (for Prestige Pass members) in my log given by Shugorobo are to complete one of 2 dungeons. One dungeon can be completed once a day, the other once a week. These dungeons reward crafting mats or keys to open a special reward chest and a whole lot of experience. You do not play your class in the prestige dungeons but a bolt-on generic set of abilities in each dungeon. The Shugorobo dungeon quests give so much xp that you could probably get to level 80 in a week or less.

There are open world quests and some open-world dungeons (the entrance is out in the game world, ie. Heiron), including prestige quests that reward, experience, Kinah and Acorns. I am not sure whether the same quests or rewards are available to non-prestige pass players. I have been doing mostly open world quests and collecting Acorns, prestige and Kinah.

Which character progression path is more optimal?

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