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Quest restricction lvl -75 with +75 ppl

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The problem of why I start this topic is about the level restriction in low-level quests to high-level ones that makes that as a mentor you cannot receive quests because they are lvl 80 since there is a restriction of lvl 75
I am a person who sometimes helps others by killing mobs for them but I cannot receive the quests and then share them again that makes whoever has to help go and return thousands of times to the place where said quest is being done and that should be changed
They should erase that restriction since just being able to carry them does not affect anything

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Sadly mentoring died when they removed the benefits for mentors and mentees. There used to be quests specifically for this. people would go back to low lever areas to do mentoring quests.

Of course the majorty of people had to make alts for each level so they can mentor their own mentees and avoid having to keep searching for lowbies that were asking for help./

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