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how to start dungeons?


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Your question is pretty vague, so I'm not sure if my answer will help at all. I'll try to be as descriptive as possible since you're new.

First, you need to determine which dungeon (called "instance" in Aion) you want to do. Is it within your level range? Hover over it with your mouse to see the minimum level. For example, Fire Temple, shown below, requires you to be at least level 43 in order to enter it. ALSO, it requires at least 2 people in a group to enter (see the part that says Max Players 2 - 6). So you could not do Fire Temple by yourself. Most of the low level instances are solo though, so you could do most of them. Many of the yellow campaign quests take you into the solo instances.


Once you've established that you can do the instance you want, just go to it and enter it. The entrance designs vary. They could be portals like the one shown below or they could be NPCs to whom you talk.


Now, all of that said, you may have a difficult time doing any of the low level group instances. It is very easy to reach level 80 in this game (like, less than a day of playing). So everyone is on the endgame, level 80 maps -- Gelkmaros/Inggison, Lakrum, Demaha, Crimson Katalam. So posting a recruit group for Fire Temple will not yield you any applies because it's just hard to find low level players. Once you reach level 80, there are several pve instances you can apply to/form.

Also, there are some pvp instances which are not actually located on any map. To do those, you will apply via the little cave icon on the right side of your skillbars:


Different pvp instances are open on different days/times, so you'll just have to check what is available. For example, at the time of my post here, only the training instance, Chaotic Vale, and A Dredge are available to do:


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