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11x Anniversary Coin Vending Robot Gacha Data Collection

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Experience Extractor x 1

Socket Stone 100     x 1

Grade A Minium 10 x 1

Grade A Minium 30 x 1

Grade S Minium 3  x 1

[Event] Stigma Enchantment Stone 1 x 1

[Event] 11th Anniversary Combat Support Bundle x 4


I don't remember the rest of what I won. Nothing interesting for now. I plan to wait until the last week to change the rest of the coins. My luck is sad.:(:D


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15 hours ago, Aniro-KT said:

Experience Extractor: 2

Socket stone: 1

Sovereign's acc box: 3

Ereshkigal potion: 2

Tiamat potion: 2

You got 3 sovereign accessory boxes out of ten tries ><. Don't deplete your RNG on this event, you will have bad RNG for the next years, rest assured :D

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18 vending machine prizes, not amazing, not terrible


Sovereign Acc Box - 1

Ereshkigal Potion - 3 

Tiamat Potion - 1

100 Socket Stone - 2

Stigma Ench Stone - 1

10 Grade A Min - 1

3 Grade S Min - 1

Legendary Ench Stone Box - 2

Legendary Manastone Box - 1

Combat Support Bundle - 2

Xp Extractor - 3



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