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Weekly Server Maintenance - October 18, 2017


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I don't get why people are that upset about harvester gear, accessories being made available.
I ran it every week, all 5 runs, and a lot of times you get no gear or armor from the drops, and getting weapons that aren't even of your class, discourages people from wanting to continue. Since we downed it the first time, until 20 more runs later, the only thing that consistently dropped, was the rings and belt.
So I'm actually happy they put it in, because it gives people a chance to get it.
I'm sure people who have never ran it, and probably won't are the ones QQing the most.
But honestly this is a much better option than wasting 2-3 hours a day running an instance 2 times to get nothing from it in the end.
It's optional if you want to spend to get it or not.
If you don't want to buy it, you don't have to spend money on it, it's not that much different than the people who ran it and are selling the gear on the broker.
There will be people who opt to not buy it off the board, or the broker, and will want to run it.

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Has it's goods and bads, but overall good for everybody. NC's terrible instance design is more to blame than them giving away the gear. A 12 man instance should *not* give 1-2 items away for 1-2 hours a run. That breeds discouragement and envy.


Sucks they released them so soon, I've a lot of friends who just finally has started to clear it (I do not run it due to time constraints) but it was inevitable anyways.

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  • Aion Team
On 10/19/2017 at 8:27 PM, Azzmaria-KT said:

why you had to tell him? lol

you know that everyone will blame you, right? hahahahaha

It was set to come off at midnight anyway! If it stayed on on accident it would have been our little secret.. maybe! ^_^

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Came to complain.

This is the second time shugo sweep shows up. It's nice event, but just like last time, same this time I try to buy a lot of ncoin on different accounts, I get error "something went wrong at our end" or something. I saw people on facebook complain about it too. Like, last event it was solved in less than a day per ticket per account. But seriously, whats the deal. You want our money or not? O.o¬¬

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2 hours ago, twentyfourglad-DN said:

it happens a lot faster if you got to amazon.com buy game codes turn them in for ncoin

not sure about other continents, but in Europe cant purchase codes on any site i found so far due to "country restrictions". Also you can't pay on amazon with paypal, even if countny restriction wasn't up, which is most comfortable way to pay at least for me.
So yeah, EU players kinda need that thing solved. Gave up yesterday gonna try next week

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