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Reset wiped Lugbug Event Mission progress


Lugbug Event quests  

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  1. 1. Did you lose all your quest progress?

    • Yea, of course I did :(
    • Nope, not me. I got lucky.
    • Wth!?! I did too! Nyerk!
    • Akakakakkk I already turned everything in before the server reset

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Happy Birthday Aion

After dealing with the all the NPCs not working on KT (big surprise) and then waiting through the downtime of another emergency maintenance (why did we even get one Friday just to have this all happen again the day before weekly maintenance?) I was finally able to log in. When I went to start on my event dungeon runs on all my toons, I was met with this nice gift:

All the progress I made on every quest, on every toon, is wiped to 0. Most of them just needed one last run to be 30/30 hammers for the weekly.

Who else got this nice present?

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I find it ludicrous you guys expect us to kill so many mobs daily/weekly since legal auto bot got canceled for our region.For someone, who doesn't even get 100 mobs weekly done, how do expect me to farm if there isn't any worth doing those mobs for (I'm good on titan coins)? No one has time to kill 1500 in Gelk or 300 in SC. The amount needs to be lowered by a lot and yes my all progress did get reset  !


@Loki @Kibbelz Please change the number for weekly event quests because that many mobs for a single quest is extreme for us....

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Guys here is what, we have a nerfed/aletered/changed version. We have a few things that Koreans don't have (like we can combine 2x legendaries and have 0% chance to get an ancient in return, Koreans need to combine 4x or more for this to work like that).

Also when they disable a feature they forget that this will affect a lot. But give it to them that they listened, they surely returned the titan coin drops back to pre 7.5 because they understood it was impossible to get titan coins without auto hunting.

They will eventually learn from their mistakes. The worse thing is that the weekly event kills are not group shared or alliance shared. Only the person doing the most dmg gets the contribution (unless I understood wrong).

Heck they should have made it league based if they want "team play", because this is what they wrote in that letter, they disabled auto hunting to avoid making the game too selfish and self centered than team-play.

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