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Prestige Revamp (yes another post like this)


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Prestige should be THAT good that people will not think about playing without it, or if they do play without it they would feel the difference. There is a big chunk of people playing totally free because prestige is beneficial on superficial levels. I was playing without prestige for like 9 months before 7.5 and I only put it now because I simply got me a 90 days prestige just because it is a new patch and I wanted to try the content with a slight boost if I need it. I find myself simply running around with prestige just like before 7.5, nothing gained, I won't get prestige when it expires most likely until the next patch (or good event comes).

(GameForge can rely just on their goldpack to sustain their game and they have been doing a great job. Since their version is free to login not free to play, you can hardly play without it or use the most basic game features like LFG and broker, I like how we have it totally free to play but there is no reason to be prestige).

Unless you care about the GP passive buff and those details for totally end game users, the average player doesn't need it.

Although a +400 pve attack benefits "more" users with low offense, they still do not need it, it is not like an average user can do amazing things because they have +400 offense, pro users won't mind that extra +400 since it makes a difference in their end game instances, they would love a +500 or a +1000, but they would still pay for a +200.


  • +100% passive XP (from just +30%)
    Go big or go home, +30% is nothing compared to what we need given the fact nothing gives XP anymore. Not a single person would play without prestige if the buff is literally doubling your XP whenever you kill a mob.
  • +100% drop rate (or at least +50%, currently it is +30%)
    You have to choose between running 1000 PF runs to get your pve set, or simply farm some coins and get a sovereign set in no time. Getting end game drops from other end game instances is also a job on itself, people run AoA up to 5 times per day to get geared, the vast majority of people either can't do it or simply won't bother. When content is hard it makes people try harder, when content is stupid-hard most gamers simply skip it.
  • +50% Renown Buff (now it is +10%)
    The free Nabaru fruit is giving up to +20% and your paid buff is just +10%. With prestige you should be able to turn level 9 and sustain it without being on the edge for so many regions. To sustain level 9 now you need to do all possible quests, doing all possible quests is sustainable without a buff to being with, even better with Nabaru at +20%, that +10% isn't a reason people will pay for a prestige.
  • +1000 pve attack buff (now it is +400, make it passive for the duration of the prestige not an active buff)
    Your luna buff inside instances is giving a ton of benefits and it is practically free since everyone can craft luna and now it only costs 20.
    Your paid buff is not even that important compared to the "free" buff. If anyone wants to simply "kill mobs" getting the prestige should have been their first priority.
    As stated above pro players will pay even if it is +200 pve offense, it matters to do the hard modes, the average user can do all easy modes with or without that buff, and they defo can't do hard mode because they got that extra +400 pve offense.
  • Prestige content altered.
    Both the prestige quests and the prestige vending machine could have been different. There was a tiny fix, you lowered the prices, but the consumables are still expensive while others are single-time necessities (like the mounts). I am not going to farm prestige coins so I can buy a petty berdin lucky star for 150coins. I can make a ton more XP if I XP directly instead of trying to get 150 coins.
    Sugggestion: Imagine having a 3rd lugbug tab exclusively for prestige users for daily or weekly things, or add an additional reward in lugbugs for prestige users. Skip the event lugbug tab, most of the time it is badly implemented anyways.
  • The additional entries are OK as they are, I guess
    I have thought of better ways to give people extra entries of their choice not just +1 entry on all instances (even the outdated ones), but this could be argued over whether good or bad and how it would be implemented. The "amount" of extra entries are a lot, but most people focus on 2~3 instances, so that's all.
  • The GP buff is ok
    Anyways it is a competition between players, giving +50% is already a boost that throws every non prestige user out of the ranking table easily.

I understand the prestige is giving a "ton" of little things, but they are still little things.

As I said I played without prestige for like 9 months and I couldn't care less since I don't do sieges anymore while your pve system and the drop rates are broken and I won't waste time getting end game pve only to make it useless in the very next mini patch.

Your paid stuff is worse than the free stuff you give, your prestige makes no sense for the most users, your free events do a bigger difference in short time. Pro gamers would still use it even if it gave half the things because they don't mind having that extra thing, the average user simply doesn't need it.


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