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Coalition Guidelines – Do’s and Don’t


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  • Aion Team

Coalition is the new siege mechanic introduced in Aion: 5.3 encouraging all players of a faction to work together to complete the siege objective. Coalition requires the cooperation of all players and sieging still heavily relies on players decisions.

To help you along with having a better Coalition experience and to mitigate abuse going forward, here are some guidelines for you to consider:


  • Join the Coalition to help your faction succeed in taking a fortress
  • Actively participate in the Coalition to support your faction
  • Learn and follow instructions provided by siege leaders. Cooperation and communication between players is key in a successful and fun siege.
  • Pass leadership to a siege leader if you cannot or do not want to lead the siege.
  • Use Coalition skills if presented to you. Coalition skills can help your faction greatly.


  • Do not join the siege to AFK. You might get kicked at the end. If you need to AFK really quick, do tell your Group/Alliance.
  • Do not hold Coalition leadership or skills hostage to sabotage the siege or for personal gain.


What counts as abuse

  • Joining a Coalition to AFK or otherwise grief
  • Kicking a player(s) for actions unrelated to the current siege
  • Threatening to hold Coalition Leader status hostage
  • Refusing to lead Coalition and not using Coalition skills during the siege
  • Intentionally sabotaging the siege


What doesn’t count as abuse

  • Kicking a player for inactivity who is griefing or other toxic behavior that occurs during the current siege period
  • Brief periods of inactivity – be sure to tell your Coalition if you need to leave your computer!


If you have witnessed or have been on the receiving end of what we consider abuse please submit a ticket with the following information

  • Name of the Offender
  • Which Siege and Time and Date
  • Explanation of what happened

Understandably, these guidelines do not encompass everything that can happen during a siege or in a coalition. We will leave the reporting of abuse to your discretion and please use these guidelines as a means of a starting point.  

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