Coalition is the new siege mechanic introduced in Aion: 5.3 encouraging all players of a faction to work together to complete the siege objective. Coalition requires the cooperation of all players and sieging still heavily relies on players decisions. To help you along with having a better Coalition experience and to mitigate abuse going forward, here are some guidelines for you to consider: Do’s Join the Coalition to help your faction succeed in taking a fortress Actively participate in the Coalition to support your faction Learn and follow instructions provided by siege leaders. Cooperation and communication between players is key in a successful and fun siege. Pass leadership to a siege leader if you cannot or do not want to lead the siege. Use Coalition skills if presented to you. Coalition skills can help your faction greatly. Don’t Do not join the siege to AFK. You might get kicked at the end. If you need to AFK really quick, do tell your Group/Alliance. Do not hold Coalition leadership or skills hostage to sabotage the siege or for personal gain.   Abuse
What counts as abuse Joining a Coalition to AFK or otherwise grief Kicking a player(s) for actions unrelated to the current siege Threatening to hold Coalition Leader status hostage Refusing to lead Coalition and not using Coalition skills during the siege Intentionally sabotaging the siege   What doesn’t count as abuse Kicking a player for inactivity who is griefing or other toxic behavior that occurs during the current siege period Brief periods of inactivity – be sure to tell your Coalition if you need to leave your computer!   If you have witnessed or have been on the receiving end of what we consider abuse please submit a ticket with the following information Name of the Offender Which Siege and Time and Date Explanation of what happened
Understandably, these guidelines do not encompass everything that can happen during a siege or in a coalition. We will leave the reporting of abuse to your discretion and please use these guidelines as a means of a starting point.