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new launcher


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New launcher works 50 % of the time maybe less but it is a sure headache and want to throw something when can't get it to launch.  Why cant we use the old one as it works much better. last night I got a black screen and had to force close game.  Took me over 3 hr. to get back on game, no lying.  It would revert back to the start playing screen 4 times and then when got to 100% opened got not responding and stuck at that..\  Had to start all over again and again and again.  Is this the way they r forcing us to quit. Nothing but a launcher that is broken at start of bringing this shit out and no support in fixing it-- who is running things--NO ONE?  GOOD job ncsoft once again another headache to the multiple other problems u don't fix.  Keep working on some more it seems thats what you do best.  I like the game when under previous ownership they cared now we left in the cold.

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