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Will we live with NPC bug forever?


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How long it could be?
@Loki @Kibbelz Did you guy have any information about this bug? 
Follow my experiment I lost target only when NPC reset and then disappear. But when NPC comes back, he keeps resetting on the server-side. The Spawn-reset loop makes NPC haven't disappeared on the client anymore. So the conditional for reset NPC always true. 
What is that conditional? Why it only happens after 4-5day after the server resets? Please tell with your programmer check where the reset function was called? where is input for conditional which tells your system reset NPC? I think all-region use almost the same code for the server-side but only the Katalam server has a problem. But each server has the Database that is different. So check your database or config file. That is my idea to track that bug.
I remember there were 2 weeks after 7.5 without any event server didn't bug. So NA implement Event has a problem.
The gold sand trader also has a problem when NPC bugged Do it is the reason?
I don't want to live with this bug forever please spend the time to fix it. You guy can copy the Katalam server and run it on your test server and debug anything was access to NPC to track the bug. 

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