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Put extendables in game again!

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30 minutes ago, Malachyte-KT said:

I disagree, at least in regards to casters for the most part. They have to stop and cast skills that aren't insta cast, so they are subject to self-imposed roots which makes chasing and being chased an issue, and on average get off far fewer skills than any melee class as a result of cast times and not necessarily hitting harder with less attacks landing except for Sorcs. Casters also have instant cast skills that still root us in place for some odd reason. Without an ultimate xform, casters only get half of their potential realized where as just with atk speed the melee classes can reach their full potential quicker (of course ultimate xform is major for them as well to break atk speed cap by 10%). In this game, cooldowns between most skills are governed by animation speed which is in the vast majority of cases only affected by atk speed. Try using  the lunar or solar buff without any atk speed equipped and applying and you're actually stuck in place for like 2s waiting for the first part of the animation to finish even though it's an instant cast skill where as with atk speed you can move still. Now imagine those same animation limitations on top of a cast time. Not to mention it is much harder to reach and maintain the casting speed cap of 75% than the atk speed base cap of 50%. Ultimate xform lets you break through that soft cap of 50% to go up to 60%, where as cast speed his hard caped at 75%. Only with Marchutan can some casters maintain a permanent or near permanent cap to cast speed.

Caster base CCs are tied to a cast time (outside of insta fear/sleep and remove shock fear/sleep) that will always be that speed regardless of cast speed increase or cast speed decrease for that matter. So an SM/Sorc  Fear/Sleep will ALWAYS take 2s to cast regardless if we are 75% cast speed buffed or debuffed to -1000% cast speed. The difference is atk speed after the cast to determine how quickly we can move on to the next skill. The only exception to the CC rule is SW Freestyle that for some reason IS affected by cast speed buffs and debuffs which make no damn sense and should be fixed as it is apparently an old bug from what I'm told or at this point in the game allow fear/sleep to be affected by cast speed buffs and debuffs, honestly with HP levels, Defensive buffs and skills and high dps skills, it's probably about time to do so as 2sec of casting anything just for 5s of CC time to it is atrociously inefficient when looking at the risk vs the reward.  

Where I will agree with you on ranged classes that always have an advantage is for the Ranger class who have an extreme advantage against most casters and some melee classes (they are a jack of all trades since they can instant cast silence, unpottable silence, CC with instant cast Sleep arrow and fast cast sleep trap, strip shields including BodyGuard and IronSkin, stealth with max speed, 15m+ jumps, and same range as caster- all with relatively short cool downs to dmg skills and silence). Just silence alone being instant from them with not much in the way of casting times on skills yield nearly max benefit where as a caster can attempt to cast a 1s cast silence on you for 4s and can't get off that type of burst dmg with multiple skills, the silence is usually a setup into a CC that we then have to use that time to dmg the target. I can use a few instant cast skills and dots in 4s but that is dmg over time and mitigatable and relatively low if not debuffed first which is part of the setup, and a sorc can blow you up but they have less skills they can get off because of casting and animation speeds so if you aren't immobile and unable to use a skill it changes the outcome most times. 

If you were just talking about rangers on this, I'd agree ;p.


I tested sms fear from last time we had this discussion on forums and yeah its not affected by cast speed and theres probably a reason for that. And same for sws freestyle being affected by cast speed. Going way by when they keep on changing skills and such, when remove shock could chain into 2 skills. For sw, it was a knock back and the current one, heal and heal over time effect. There was actually a way to counter being attacked, instead of being defense with a heal effect. Sorcs and sm has (kept) their cc, sleep and fear but longer cd. With 2 instant ccs, one thats instant and another that is a counter, sw doesn't really have much, except it could be spamable. with it being affected by casting speed, skills like rangers, gunner? that slow cast speed would slow freestyles cast time.


On 10/4/2020 at 6:05 PM, Drugged-KT said:

Aion is a game where ranged class always has an advantage so 


uh no.. after 6.0 any class that can just spam ANY skill in ANY rotation has an advantage. 

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