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Weekly Server Maintenance - September 30, 2020

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Random bonus stats and the retuning thing was one of the not so brilliants ideas from this people in NCSoft. 

They sometimes had those. Like when they made all the gear tradeable and breakable (failing enchants), or when they decided to remove the cap in enchanments. They do those things sometimes and then they have to "fix it" or remove it. 

The base idea wasn´t bad. But the lack of kinah in the last years and the change in the mechanics, forced most of the people to avoid that or just do few tries to get something. 

With the introduction of new gears with fixed stats, now we have a huge gap between pure DPS classes (where the fixed stats use to be), and support or strategic settings. With this buff, in some way that is 99% fixed and now we only require time and patience. But IMO, if we have the buff so we can retune 231654984213 times until we have the stats we want, then they could just add a thing where we can choose the stats and save some time. Why? Because we are going to retune anyway, but I don´t see the point in needing so many hours for that. It is just boring. 

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