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coalition guidelines vs banning afkers from pvp instances


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due to a few unsavory players acting a fool...it seems ncsoft is now instituting rules to follow for coalition...

i cant help but wonder if its because alot of people emailed complaing about a certain 2 players in particular...course thats not my place to say...but anyway


so why no action against players who afk pvp instances? Im shocked nothing is being done about this....and i know several of you feel me on this one and have emailed/ticket

about this and been ignored or got some excuse...so without posting speculation based on this  :P the most common thing ive seen being "u got cash walletz ncsoft nobanz roflmaoz" (in other words no valid realistic reason why they wont ban for afk people) im wondering somewhere between me quitting 2-3 years ago when they WERE banning people for afk (3 day ban) and now (no bans) what happened?


personally id rather have them reinstitute bans on afkers.....do away with the coalition system altogether....

which would you all have?



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Are you talking about the dredge defense? It’s rather pointless now to force any kind of rules since that is being removed in 5.8, we're only few months away.

However I can understand that afking the arena isn’t good either, it’d be nice to see something done about that too.

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