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Please change pine lover mob loot system/spawn rate!

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So the people who didnt get the chance  to get the free transform get screwed over? Getting 50 Honey songpyeons before event ends seems impossible, at least for me. As a caster class, how I'm supposed to compete with classes with who can insta skill mob with 2-3 hits?

My suggestion - make pine needles account tradeable.

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I am wondering this as well. It was a poorly planned event as per usual and I go to the place where you can farm but not only are the people better geared in pve, they are classes like Painter, Sins etc where I can't do enough damage in time. One bright spot is a nice sin who was farming told me he was going to leave the spot and give it to me.

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6 minutes ago, 1s350E48-KT said:

You can party with your friends, take the loot by turn, after everybody looted then reset the loot.

Problem is you don't have friends right?

Seems logical but you forget people dont like to share if they get nothing out of it..... 


I do have friends but they already have their transform,why would they waste their time on this event?

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