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Can NCsoft Stop Failing?

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So you guys restored the NPC this morning that has the ""Locked Hanbok Pixel Transformation Contract Selection Box" but you didn't send out the survey yet with the free contract... so that means that players that do not waste their time digging through the forums every day probably don't know that we're getting the transformation contract for free so they probably are going to spend their hard earned Honey Songpyeon on the contract and use their ONE and only key they can obtain to open it......    Seriously NCsoft... do you guys even think these things through before you act? This was suppose to be the solution to the problem, not adding more issues for more players.... 


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5 minutes ago, Kitsuneryu-KT said:

Surveys always are send after 12h server time, can you wait a bit, instead of crying for everything?

I'm merely stating a factual problem that this has already probably created. They're just making more work for themselves and their support team by not restoring the NPC plus giving the survey out at the same time.

Also if it is true that surveys only come out after the noon hour server time, they should put that somewhere so it becomes public knowledge. Giving a rough ETA would prevent a lot of chaos on the forums and in games, not to mention I'm sure many ppl send in unnecessary support tickets about surveys as well. They need to work on communicating with their player base. These forums are messy and tedious to dig through to find information, heck upto a month ago Kibbelz's posts weren't even listed under the dev tracker area. 

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Maybe.. but I guess reaching 50 songpyeons today is not an easy task. Most of the players will have between 10 and 30 units today. To reach 50 you need to be really active and probably you check the forums or you get the information from your legion or other endgame friends. I don´t think we will have so many casual and new players collecting that amount in so few time. 

Also, lets be honest, it is not like we saw a lot of this in this game in a long time. At least they did something really big this time. Not only talking about the freebies. Between the initial solution and the final solution we had few hours with a lot of complains and messages from the community and the last one included almost all the items we asked for. So somebody checked all those messages, and decided a solution in a couple of hours. was a long time since we had that here. 

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