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Question about duels

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My question is. Why do people get so mad when someone farms hp from mobs or dummies or whatever during a duel? Isnt the idea of a duel the same as when trying to survive vs an elyos.  I remember back in like 4.x some people would get mad at people for using pots during duels and call them noobs and stuff... imagine asking an SM not to use fear for a duel ?

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earlier patch 1.x~4.x when people duel both agree not to use so we didnt use it BUT draining hp from dummies or mobs fight can go as long as they want to (average skilled aion players). if gladi can drain hp from dummies i wouldve stay near dummies all time just to drain hp, in another words duel can go on so long that it can be infinite fight

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A duel is nothing but safe pvp with your own rules. If this is meant to make you good at any situation, then not draining dummies or animals is the best way to learn. People hate losing a duel and think they lost their life when it is carebear pvp.

If you want to train for arenas where you cannot drain anything then make a duel and tell the other guy not to use anything outside, or enter the free arena that is open at all times but you get a random enemy. You can always go to coliseum of pandaimonium or sanctum (it is usually empty), you could even do a group vs group there, it is a pvp zone for same faction characters.

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