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Bundle VS single item


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Could anyone from NC please explain to me and the Aion community the reason to promote many items as of recent and the past on why alot of these items are advertised as a "bundle" but yet  only give a single item or go on to state a single item is given: EG:

Ariels's Apostle transform shard bundle...... 1 shard per 'bundle'

Experience mark bundle..... 1 mark per 'bundle'

Lugbugs boon single use ticket bundle..... 1 ticket per 'bundle' highlighting single here?!

Dimensional hourglass bundle...... 1 hourglass per 'bundle'

Ultimate Etium bundle.... again 1 etium per bundle

etc etc

What is the point of only giving 1 item in a labelled bundle apart from using the complex English language as a marketing strategy.

for those who may be confused a bundle is multiple items not singular but can be confusing when they label a bundle of manastones for example.... which has the entire selection yet you can only choose one! see the possible confusion?!

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"Bundled" items should contain a minimum of 2-3 items per bundle, imo. But regardless of how they choose to label an item, let's get something straight: 15 experience marks for a single ulti enchant stone is a total rip-off when you consider the chances of that stone failing the moment you use it.

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I 100% agree that the misuse of the word bundle to describe a singular item is misleading.

The definition of a "bundle" is thus: "A bundle of things is a number of them that are tied together or wrapped in a cloth or bag so that they can be carried or stored."

i.e: more than one.

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