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Ban Kisks from Dream World event please, can't access vending machine


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So there are a bunch of jackasses who maybe think its funny, or maybe they can't stand the idea that someone else could pick up a free Ulti xform perhaps (?), or totally want to sabotage peoples game play, but for whatever reasons it is annoying, a hindrance, and just plain selfish to place Kisks over every NPC in the Dream World. Mostly you can find a crack to engage with the NPC but tonight the vending machine seems totally blocked hence this post.

NC please either ban the spoilers from doing this (especially if they then go back to sitting their aether tech alts en mass on the NPC which was the precursor to the Kisks) or at least to get back to some level of playable just ban the Kisks from being able to be placed in this event space which is the essence of this bug post.

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