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Cap on Gladiator Move Speed

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Has any one else noticed the cap on the Move speed for the lad? 

I am assuming the same is on others toons as well but may not be as noticeable.

The normal move speed is 7.6, then when you apply the hamerun pot the move speed goes up to about 11.6 - and if you try to use the berserker's rage skill the best you et is 12 for move speed.

And if you use the berserker's rage skill by itself the move speed jumps from 7.6 to 12.

Can you see where the cap happens.

So if I am always using pots i can make space on the skill bar for something else as I remove the berserker's rage skill.

Making the berserker's rage skill pretty much useless.

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Most run speed skills are useless now, yes. It is easy to reach max run speed with a legendary transform for most classes, and of course ultimate transform. The only situations you might still need those skills would be in pvp if you are slowed by your opponent. But yes, if you only pve, they are not needed.

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