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1 hour ago, AngelicBeauty-KT said:

What is the best 4th bonus to put on items for both magic and physical classes? Physical defense, magic defense, evasion or magic resist? Which is the most beneficial?

P.def and m.def are beneficial even if you add +1 because they are in the dps formula.

Every +1 p.def you have is like -1 p.attack of the opponent. Every +1m.def you have  it is like -1 m.attack of the opponent.

On the other hand evasion and magic resist are totally obsolete if the enemy has more magical/physical accuracy than your m.resist/evasion. The stat starts "working" only when your m.resist/evasion is getting higher than the enemy's magic/physical accuracy. And even then, if the difference is small the reward is also non mentionable.

For these stats to work you need to have a fully dedicated set for them including full manastone sockets in order to have a much bigger defensive stat than their accuracy..

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Generally speaking you will always have higher base accuracy than the base eva/mr, so unbuffed accuracy or resist they should not evade your attacks most classes have equal accuracy buffs to the few classes resist inc buff so even if they buff your buffs would still keep you higher. So pretty common on armor by the way you are asking about defense which is only on armor or feathers is HP/Crit/Pdef/Mdef. The accuracy being kind of unneeded unless the enemy actually has evasion or mr tuned in their stats. This configuration would also give you the most defensive safety but if you don't have another set or are not liking this idea the best way to go after this would be the HP/Crit/Acc/Def that is the lowest on your class. ie Plate using Mdef, Chain Mdef then a few Pdef, Leather Pdef with a few Mdef, Cloth Pdef. Hope this helps you make the best choice for you

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