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15 hours ago, Treos-DN said:

Personally for me I didn't "waste" any of the little time I spend on this game on the Anniversary "events" lol. First week on the anniversary I went to the machine to see what I would get and received 100 socketing stones, said "Nah" and only ran the instance 4 times for the duration of the event. I did no quests for extra coins nor did I bother to afk on my main or any alts. I am curious why people thought they would put Ancient or Legendary transformation contracts as a rewards seeing as how they have another event if you consume 12 Ancient or 2 Legendary transformations you will get a box that could possibly (highly doubt it will be) an ultimate contract box. Why would they give everyone that chance when it's clear from statements from them pertaining to transformations that they want you to pay for that. You think they are happy some p2w people complained about the last transformation contract and they were forced to get them an ultimate transformation??o.O

I also didn't do the instance either, I tried it 2~3 times, we did A-rank one time, S-rank the other 2 and then stopped it.

Last time we had that event, we were doing it to get the legendary transforms, the ones that gave me ultimate eventually. Right now it was coins to buy some useless stuff.

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