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A question about Comfortable Camping Cabinet

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2 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

Isn't it amazing how an external site has the info they should have in their BCM? And it is not like they didn't bother to write a description, they sure found plenty of adjectives to write for these cabinets, and non of them is their type.


Remember they don´t play the game. For you and me is easier to understand how important thay information is. But for people who don´t know the game and how it works... they will never imagine those details. 

The direction in this side of the world is in the hands of a person whith the only merit of sleeping with the real boss in Korea. And then we had an small team of people who dont´play the games and the only work there is to add the packed content from Korea in our servers and get some money from BCM. And they dont even made changes. Everything comes from Korea (even the adaptations). If we have bugs, also those fixes come from Korea. 

Why do you think NCsoft games have so low performance in this side of the world? 

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