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Overpowered lvl 10 Gear, Why?

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And there we were.. in our white and green gear.. thinking we were hot stuff because we had a single blue.. grinding away on mobs so that we could be high enough to pick up the next quests.. when over the hill there came a gaggle of twinks.. who mowed us down without even stopping to call us noobs.


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Back on my days, we had to play for some time to level up. We had many gear options to upgrade our sets in the way.

But looks like in the last patches they decided that all the previous game is not important and the game now is only focused in 66-75 range. So they nerfed almost everything at lower levels, they boosted gratly the experience received and made some new gear to make it even faster.

IMO the most important reassons for this were:

- The game mechanics changed so much in the last patches so all the old stuff is almost useless (crafts and profesions) or is totally umbalanced making things so hard or so easy (collecting coins to buy gear, getting manastones, enchantment stones for lower levels).
- The kinah rewards are totally umbalanced since years ago in low level quest so was so hard for new players to buy anything. When I joined AION like 4 years ago I was able to play, get coins and buy medium lvl manastones. But the quantity and prices made it impossible in the last years so you can imagine how hard was for a newbie.
- In the past we had so much more players in AION, so you had a lot of people in every map. That was important to make groups for different quests and low level instances. Now we have less players so you will find most of the low level maps deserted. Nobody to play with, so hard to make a group completelly with people at your level. A lot of PvP content impossible to do cause you will not find other players (dredgions, arenas, ect)

the current focus is just to use all the time between 1 and 65 as a fast tutorial and start the game at 66.

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5 hours ago, Azzmaria-KT said:

- In the past we had so much more players in AION, so you had a lot of people in every map. That was important to make groups for different quests and low level instances [...] (dredgions, arenas, ect)

For some reason I felt the urge to send you hugs


Anyway, that's the past, useless to keep thinking about it, I guess.


About what @Krystaline-KT said, I'm not so sure that only few twinks would be interested. Sure it wasn't such a happy time, when you think about the grind and the PvE quests continuously interrupted by rifters. However there were (/are?) private servers like OldAion 1.9 (I felt that I could name it, since it has been shut down some months ago) that had 100-150 players online (that I find quite big numbers to be a private server based on a very specific language).

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