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Just a thought....

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Why not create a server that goes back to 4.6 and give it a test and see how many people come back as well as leave current server just to start all over again on 4.6 where you can start gathering at level 1 get and being able to quest for titles is pretty awesome.

Sure the new patches are ok however I'm old school and given the chance to play on 4.6 would be awesome.

Jesus just being able to have my cleric wear cloth or leather or chain is pretty awesome.

I bet you would not only see an increase in players but a increase in shop sales back then it was buy all you want slap in your cube and poof.

Not to mention being able to jump on your browser hit aions special page for veteran rewards..Aww man that was always awesome as well,

Getting to level 80 in a day no title quest no fun just my opinion and is probably main reason why number of players keeps decreasing.

So, Instead of going off to other servers that aren't obviously the original Aion you could easily bring everyone back by adding a special server.

I mean you could still keep the main one's where you get level 80 in a day and so on.

Just a thought is all.

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Owning another server will cost them money, at some point in 7.2 we got immigrated to worse machines, this is why we had a ton of lag when it was implemented, instead of merging a last time they downgraded their servers. This has another effect --> the KT bug, we have more players than DN so we kinda hang the server at 300 characters online or something.

Having one more server... it is impossible for them.

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