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Ok I want to get to 66+ ASAP so I can purchase some additional dice for this event as well as helping myself get up in higher levels for endgame content.  Currently I'm lvl 53 and Elyos.  I'm willing to buy stuff from the BCM & off the broker to help along the way as well.  What I need is help with how to get there.

  1. What item(s) should I buy from the BCM to help?   I was looking though and some of them say requires lvl 61+ to buy and some have no lvl restriction on them.
  2. What item(s) should I buy from the broker to help?
  3. What area(s) should I be questing in?  I currently have quests for Dark Poeta and the Miragent Holy Templar Quest (lvl 50 Daevanion quest) and then I have campaign quests starting in Iggison & Bare Truth.

Thanks for the advice & help!

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You're level 53; get your booty into Beshmundir Temple! You're a chanter, so you won't have any issue finding someone to duo it with as many tank/dps classes want to do it, but can never find a healer to duo it with. (Expect that you will take heals duty though, not dps, unless you end up with a cleric or another chanter.) Especially right now with the 100% exp buff. Last time I did BT at level 53, I leveled up to 61 on one single run in BT. I did BT again the next day and reached 65. So two runs in BT to go from level 53 to level 65. No need to buy anything to sell! However, if you do want to buy something, I'd recommend buying an EXP amulet to wear while you're in BT.

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From 53-65 the fastest way to level is soloing BT. As a new player this can be a bit difficult, especially if you are a chanter and don't know your class yet. The gear you receive at 55 can greatly ease the difficulty but the bosses will still be impossible if you don't know what you are doing. Duoing is your next best option, there are people always looking for a healer to duo BT with so just apply and let them know you are new.

If you want to level with quests then begin by completing all Campaign quests in Iggison as well as any Dark Blue quests along the way, these should get you to around lvl 58. Next go to Cygnea and complete the Campaign quests there as well as any Dark Blue quests that don't require you to run an instance. I wouldn't bother with Auturam Sky Fortress or Raksang these instances are boring and the XP rewards aren't worth it imo. Completing all the Cygnea quests should easily take you to 65, if you are still missing a few percent do your Luna daily/weekly.

If you want to buy some leveling aids in the BCM/Broker then look into Berdin Lucky Star's and EXP Amulets. Use these only if you are going to level via BT.

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