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Pumpkin King Spawn Spots


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Herelym Mine

OK, Herelym Mine worths doing it for the pumpkin with resets, after all you get a ton of AP for doing it, the Great Pumpkin King spawns right to the room of girad (the guy who does fear etc). But HM entry is usually camped by elyos hordes, previously I saw a whole elyos legion being on the entry preventing anyone from entering (they didn't enter, they jsut stood there in their mini zerg to take a kill or two from solo players)

Infernal Drakenspire Depths

In IDD it is inside the boss ring, I tried to check with alts 5 times and 5 times it was in that ring, so that is defo not solo or alt friendly (I would use my alts' candies to kill him free of charge, some alts have 200 candies from previous years).

Altar of Ascension

In AoA someone told me you need to kill the first boss, so that is a no from me. I never been there, I have no clue what you need to do and the entrance is in Silentera so this is more obnoxious than the HM changing locations.

The Rest

Does anyone know where the other instances have the Pumpin King spawn? I want to get me the legendary reward and then forget about this event.


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Primeth Forge NM

The pumpkin is on the highest platform in the gliding area before Frigida, you will see it if you look down frim where Tarukan was standing. (And I just naively hope that the location in PFHM is not the same).


Stellin Laboratory easy

The Pumpking is next to the door to the last boss.



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Actually AoA NM/EM is very easy as long as you have enough gear for BE EM. You can "kill" the first boss by dpsing, dying, and resing, the boss won't deaggro because of the NPCs. It takes about a few minutes at most to do that, then it takes a minute to get to the boss area with the Pumpkin. FYI, the first boss only needs to be down to 60% to disappear.

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In AOA, the pumpkin is on the northernmost side of the final boss platform. You can avoid aggroing the final boss; just run around the outside to the north and you'll see the pumpkin there. As Motgar said above, you can yolo the first boss until it dies and then run to the pumpkin in the "10th Altar" area of the map.

5 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

(And I just naively hope that the location in PFHM is not the same).

I haven't done my PFHM runs yet this week, but a friend said it's in the same place. So you would have to be able to beat Tarukan to get to it. Again though, I haven't confirmed this myself yet.

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