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Pumpkin King’s Haunt Event Fail

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1 hour ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Actually you can do it on the same account! We did it last night. You just leave group on your main toon, go to character screen and switch to your alt. Then you enter the instance, use your pumpkins, then leave group again. Re-log your main, re-join group, and re-enter the instance. Throughout this, someone in your group will be auto-attacking the pumpkin to keep it from resetting. Once you get back to the boss, then someone (or you) uses 1 last candy blast to actually kill the pumpkin. You will all get the loot.

Yes if you leave the pumpkin alive and in agro (by hitting him manually) you can return and finish it off with your main. That would work.

But I kinda find it gets way too complicated, with the 400% buff it would be faster to level an alt account and do it with a second account or something.

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Well if I was a person who needs this trick then, this is how I would do it.

  • EVERYONE better use one candy initially, to initialize everyone's attack and dmg contribution to the pumpkin
    (or at least make the first hit when the inital group is there so the dmg initialization will take the actual group as the attacker group.)
  • Log the alts, bring them do enough dmg and keep one last attack obviously to keep the pumpkin alive
  • Relog all the mains, bring them in and use a last blast while all mains are present.

If you do it like this I am sure all the mains will defo get the loot.

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3 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

@Arhangelos-KT @Violeta-KT Guys I have a question for you :D Are the pumpkin quests repeatable ? I mean if I complete the 35 pumpkin quest, will I be able to retake it or there will be only 10 and 20 ones left ? Thank you in advance for your reply :)

Yes, I finished the 35-pumpkin quest the first day and re-toook it instantly. They are infinitely repeatable.

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