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New event and items on BCM

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We need firm confirmation on when this event ends, people are collecting pumpkins assuming it ends on the 28th.


This is concerning.

Also in the future you need to tell whoever posts the event details on the website to add how long the event lasts at the bottom of the post, the way it always has been.

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I submit a ticket as well and got the same response, this is ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as the fact that our CM seems to only log in once a week to post maintenance notices. There is no way there isn't a set end date for the event, Support just looked over the event page saw the same thing we did and gave us the crap response above.

I went over to the Blade and Soul forums and they have 4 CMs (including @Hime) answering what seemed like pretty mundane player concerns. We can't even get the end date for an event, which is pretty important info needed to plan our time accordingly.

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11 hours ago, Bitcoins-KT said:

OK I submitted a ticket asking the event end date and this was my response:

"There are no specific dates on when the event will end. For now, we kindly ask you to wait for further updates about the Pumpkin King Event"

And I’m sure it will be a kind of announcement in weekly maintenance post like “today the pumpkin king event will end”.

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13 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

Or even better, the event will be over sudenly and the next day they will tell us
"The pumpkin event ended yesterday"

OR (the most likely) after another maintenance like “the weelky maintenance will take place today ... ty all and 0 info” the ppl will log in to discover that all the quest npc are gone and start to spam lfg like “did the pumpkin event end ?” “Help me I cannot find the npc to turn in my 35 pumpkins” etc.

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