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Am i right or wrong?


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5 hours ago, Valedia-DN said:

free image hosting i may be wrong but i believe this item is not for vandal as it is magic and vandals are cloth physical right? sorce,sm,sw...why it says vandal only causing a vandal to roll on it...fix these lil issues that cause ppl to roll on gears thats not for their class...

The tip that says the classes is which classes can equip it. A magic plate is for AT but a templar can equip it because he also wears plate. Useless to him, but plate no the less.

And yes, there were times that items didn't just have a type, but also the class exclusive that could use them (like a SM mystic cloth that a Sorcerer couldn't use). So this could and should be a fix in future from the developers to avoid confusions.

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