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Hi sorry to bother i was wondering if you could please help me or inform me of what happened to my gladiator or is it just a bugg ingame, i was lvling my gladiator i was at lvl 18 i didnt get any stigmas yet, in pandemonium i got a yellow quest that was lvl 75 and did it, it lvled me up from lvl 18 till 40. I got no normal stigmas what so ever. Is this a bugg that i need to report. I dont mind lvling up so fast but not getting my normal stigmas is a big bummer, please let me know as soon as possible. As i lvled up i got one normal stigma and there are a total of 3 that you need to collect, i only got 1.

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Because of all the current XP buffs we have, leveling is ridiculously fast right now. So you missed some dark blue quests in your leveling that would have given you stigmas. For example, there is a dark blue quest around level 30-31 in Beluslan at the Red Mane Cavern that gives you a stigma. The good news is you haven't actually missed out on unlocking the stigmas -- only receiving the stigmas. So you can still get/buy stigmas via other methods. Or you can go back and check for the quests. The dark blue quest I mentioned above is at one of the NPCs by Thor (maybe Thor himself? I don't remember). Note, you will not be able to see the quests after you are 10 levels higher than them, so it may be too late for that one. But just check all of the dark blue quests on Beluslan map that you can see.

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