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Happy halloween everyone !!

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Since it was halloween , (delayed on greetings if its already pass i really dont know cause i never cared really about it) i'm just wondering if its possible to see some unique and rare costume in BCM..
It will really help boost your income @Kibbelz . nothing to lose !!
People who want to see a rare costume for sale post it down bellow:

For me i want a :Powess Tunic from 5.8 aion era - alot of people asks me and pm where do i get that rare costume if you put it some in bcm i bet it would totally sold !!
-EXO pm'ed me and ask me to write something in forum about this thread cause he trully want a skin "Ancient legion defender's martial jerkin" : EXO is a trully supporter of your game he spent like 10k USD last time to get his ultimate Xform he got a video in youtube just ask him where though. (i know there are alot who spent more but it will be cool if you can provide the skins it looks really good)


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