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i have rescan over and over, the main yellow quest for lvl 27 asmodian to go to bridge and find perus father. i go their, nothing happens like it suppost to like in past several time i did with my high lvl characters. even some quest npc i approach nothing happens. is there a bug going on??? some quest is not responding at all. 

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12 minutes ago, LaSanKing-KT said:

thanks... :(    oh btw  which server has more ppl? kata is sooo.. well barren void of life

Katalam is more populated, but both servers are barren at low levels like yours. The reason is that it only takes a few hours to reach level 80. So everyone is on the endgame maps (Gelkmaros/Inggison, Demaha, Lakrum, Crimson Katalam).

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not sure now, but both used to have the same amount of players. But in Katalam used to be more Elyos and in Danaria more Asmodians. Probably that is the same now. 

But, you will find more players at high lvl anyway. Leveling in Aion now it is supposed to be really fast so there are so few players doing that. Once you reach Inggison or Gelkmaros, you will see the people. 

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